Currently, we are breeding Yorkshire Terriers. Here are some things to know about this dog breed.

Yorkie Puppy
Yorkie Puppy


There is a lot of discussion between breeders on Yorkie size. The AKC standard says 4 to 7 lbs. for an adult and does not recognize a Teacup as a separate breed. A Teacup, micro, mini, itty bitty, micro mini, etc. are just made up terms people use to describe a dog of smaller size with no written standard describing that size. Every breeder and dog lover has their own idea what a Teacup size is. For our purposes, we consider a standard toy size yorkie to be 6 to 7 lbs. and a Teacup 4 to 5 lbs. and a Micro Teacup anything under 4 lbs.


Although tiny and pretty, the Yorkshire terrier is still a terrier at heart. They are very much big dogs in tiny packages. The Yorkshire Terrier makes a feisty, but loving, companion. Yorkies are bold, active, and surprisingly brave for being such a small breed. They can be stubborn and they can be bossy with other animals and unfamiliar dogs. It is a good idea to introduce a Yorkie to another animal they do not know with caution. Yorkies are not aware of their tiny size.

Yorkies are extremely people-oriented and are very loyal to their families. They have a great sense of hearing and will bark when they sense danger. This makes Yorkies great watch dogs.

Toy or standard size (5 to 7 lb.) Yorkies are fine when raised with children, although it is extremely important to teach children in the family to not tease or mistreat the dog. I usually advise against bringing a teacup under 4 lbs. into a house with very young children for the safety of the tiny dog. NEVER leave a young child unattended with a dog, no matter the breed. This is for the safety of both the child and dog.

Yorkie Puppy
Yorkie Puppy


Well-bred Yorkies are generally healthy and have a nice long life span of 12 to 14 years. However, they do require a bit more care than larger breed puppies. Due to their delicate nature and small size, teacup Yorkies are similar to new born babies in that they have not fully developed their immune systems. Care should be taken the first few months until vaccines have been completed.

Tiny Teacup Yorkies are also prone to Hypoglycemia and need to eat several small meals a day until at least 4 or 5 months of age.

Yorkies should never be allowed outside without being closely watched by an adult. Due to their small size, they could be easy pray for large birds or other predators.

Yorkies have a long, soft silky coat with little or no shedding and are great for families with allergies.

Overall, the Yorkie is a great family companion that will live a long and happy life with proper care and training.

Yorkie Puppy
Yorkie Puppy

Adoption and Pricing

Here at Royal Kennels, we have selected only the best dogs available for our breeding program, choosing only those with superior health and temperaments. Our bloodlines come from many of the top kennels in the world. We spare no expense to ensure we have the most superior quality and classic “Baby Doll” look we demand. We are well known for having the tiniest babies with thick, silky coats, short cobby bodies, and sweet baby doll face.

Our puppies are family-raised and handled daily from birth. They are well-socialized at an early age. We only use the best available food, vitamins, and vet care for our little ones. Our Yorkie pups come with a 1-year written health guarantee, have first puppy shots, and de-wormings.

Our pups are started on a house breaking routine and go home with their first puppy food, toys, and vitamins. Our moms and dads are world-class quality, healthy, and tiny with the sweetest temperaments.

We never breed shy, aggressive, or hyper dogs. We provide our new parents with written training and care instructions and a lifetime of free “technical support” for any questions or problems that might arise.

Our puppies are our fur kids and can always come back to Royal Pet Retreat, if for any reason, at any time during their life should you no longer be able to care for them, we will always welcome them back.

Our puppies are priced according to size, sex, and quality.

Contact us for current litters and pricing.

We only sell our puppies to approved homes, as pets only. We do not sell to pet stores, brokers or breeders. Sorry we do not offer shipping of any kind. You MUST pick your puppy up in person.

Please contact us for more information.