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We Focus on Providing Royal Experiences for Your Pets.

Dan and Pam Peterson started this business as Royal Kennels and showed, bred, and boarded dogs for close to 40 years. Animals were (and still are) their passion. Over the years, dogs, horses, cats, pet foxes and even a pet skunk or two were found hanging out in one of their huge play yards. They lived on-site, just a few feet from the kennels to watch over the “furkids” day and night.

On their 6-acre property that they maintained for the comfort and security of their pets and boarding guests, they provided loving families with puppies of outstanding temperament, health and that “something special” look they were so well known for. Their pet resort and boarding kennel was also known nationally for their superior animal care. There are huge exercise/play yards and open door policy where dogs have 24/7 access to the outside.

Dan and Pam have retired and moved on to the next stage of their lives. In 2023 they moved to Tennesse where Pam will still be breeding top class Shiba Inus and Yorkshire Terriers. Please visit her site at https://www.royalkennels.com.

Scott and Teresa Gibson have taken over the business and renamed it Royal Pet Retreat and plan to continue the excellent services provided by Pam and Dan. Pam personally trained them and their staff to carry on the legacy of Royal Kennels.

Strong Team

We are committed to the safety and well-being of your pet.

Teresa Gibson

Director of Animal Happiness


Mason Gibson

Dog Whisperer


Becca Lange

Crazy Dog Lady


Mya Gibson

Camper Joy Facilitator


Scott Gibson

Chief Poop Scooper


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