New owners, same great experiences!

We’re so excited to continue the business that Pam and Dan started decades ago! We have a lot to live up to and we’re so thankful that Pam spent so much time personally training us and helping us in the transition. She is truly and awesome person!

We are Teresa and Scott Gibson. Like you, we love caring for our four-legged family members. If you are going out of town and want to give your furbaby a unique camping experience, we are here for you. We also have some grooming services too. More services will be added in the future.

Just like when Dan and Pam ran Royal Kennels, a caregiver will be living on site as part of Royal Pet Retreat. Our son, Mason, is an experienced caregiver for dogs. We like to refer to him as a “dog whisperer” because he seems to be able to communicate and bond with even the most difficult canines. He will also be doing some training as well. He is currently working on a hiking trail on our 5.88 acre property as an add-on service to provide your pup with an active and healthy exercise experience.

He will be assisted each day by Becca Lange, who is also experienced in boarding and training. (Her pup, Maizie, is pictured to the left.) Becca is very knowledgeable in dog behavior. Her passion is to ensure that each doggo is cared for and given the attention he or she needs. Becca will also be updating our Facebook page with pictures and events.

Teresa will take care of scheduling and will handle most of the phone calls and emails for now. She will be happy to speak with you about any services or concerns. If you have a question, she is likely the person you will talk to.

Besides scooping poop on the weekends, Scott will be handling much of the behind the scenes stuff, like managing the website and performing some accounting functions.

Our daughter, Mya, will be doing some grooming activities and helping out with the dogs and cats. She is a big-time animal lover and will keep your camper happy during their stay.

All of us enjoy spending time with the campers, so we’ll all be feeding, watering, scooping, and playing with them. They are our passion.

Thank you so much for your support as we enjoy this adventure!

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